Crossmedia Vertiefung WS 2011/12

Lehrveranstaltung FH Trier Intermedia Design
Prof. Tom Hirt and Prof. Mariko Takagi, Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts

Skype meeting with the class in Trier.

Thanks for the presentation and the update. Will report it to my students next Tuesday.

The Hong Kong Connection. Part 1

More will follow!

Get inspired: “50 Ways to Help the Planet” presented by Wire & Twine

HK: Site Visit to ECOLS on Oct. 25

Founded in 2008, ECOLS provides a platform for humankind to exchange ECO ignited thoughts and ideas through art, designs and communications.
ECOLS mission is to educate and nurture the market about ECO lifestyle and ignite your ECO attitude.

Stella Ho, the Assistant Marketing Manager, gave us an insight to the philosophy and ideas of ECOLS.

ECOLS created an individual rating system for their products:

This system helps to illustrate why products here are ECO and are selected or designed for the ECOLS store. The four main criteria are: Materials, Manufacturing
Process, Creativity and Stylishness.
Check it out:

The black bags are designed in Hong Kong. Old taxi seats are the materials for this product.


Cross culture cooperation beetween students from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts (Prof. Mariko Takagi) and Trier University of applied sciences, Intermedia Design (Prof. Tom Hirt) mehr erfahren