Crossmedia Vertiefung WS 2011/12

Lehrveranstaltung FH Trier Intermedia Design
Prof. Tom Hirt and Prof. Mariko Takagi, Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts

First video conference with Hong Kong class

Yesterday I had a video conference with the class of Prof. Mariko Takagi. Every student gave me a short presentation of research and the first concept. They were very well prepared and had good ideas.

For the Trier students: Please stay in contact with your student partner and discuss your project. In two weeks we will also have a short skype presentation on thursday with Hong Kong. Please prepare a very short presentation with one slide of your research and one slide of your first concept idea.

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Cross culture cooperation beetween students from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts (Prof. Mariko Takagi) and Trier University of applied sciences, Intermedia Design (Prof. Tom Hirt) mehr erfahren