Crossmedia Vertiefung WS 2011/12

Lehrveranstaltung FH Trier Intermedia Design
Prof. Tom Hirt and Prof. Mariko Takagi, Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts

Hallo aus Hong Kong :D

Guten tag zusammen! Ich bin Sui aus Hong Kong :D
Es ist mein erster Blog hier :)

Mein Projekt ist über Reusing T-Shirts – bisschen von meinem Prozess (es ist ein Buch)…

(now changing to Englisch)

While I was working on my book, I saw an interesting project on Google Reader, it is FABRIC Project by textile designer Stéphanie Baechler

The designer first makes patterns with several pieces of cloths on wall, then take photograph of it, after few testing procedures she prints out the final pattern on a piece of new cloth and cut it out.

This is probably the best part of her project because from this step you’ll reckon the final piece of cloth cut out is extremely flexible.
You can wear it in any forms! And the main thing is the fabric is beautiful ;) I believe I can buy fewer clothes if I have this piece of beautiful magic cloth! x)

Video: FABRIC Project – Stéphanie Baechler
(I cannot embed a Youtube clip here as well (/_<)!! )

via bldgwlf

This is my sharing so far!
Tschüß!! (^O^)

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Cross culture cooperation beetween students from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts (Prof. Mariko Takagi) and Trier University of applied sciences, Intermedia Design (Prof. Tom Hirt) mehr erfahren